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Fun With Booking

We’re always booking a show or two ahead, so we’ve been talking to wave artists all over the world. It’s a fun and unique experience to catch these young artists before they blow up (we used to do this at The Hive as well, but most of those artists were[…]


Still reeling from Topsy-Turvy last night. So much art, so much magic. brothel.’s set was incredible and he was one of the nicest people we have collectively ever worked with. He even brought a couple of local wave producers out of the woodwork as well. David Giardinelli’s visuals transformed the space[…]

The Underground Wave Railroad

In an attempt to share overseas travel costs, I created a Facebook group trying to link different U.S. promoters together. It’s slow going, but a few others are joining. https://facebook.com/groups/undergroundwaverailroad

Interview with Catalyst

Did an interview with Catalyst magazine tonight about Syn.Aesthetic’s history with wave music, the Hive Collective, the genesis of the Ellipsis Collective and about the specifics of wave music itself. Look for that soon.

How to create a scene rather than capitalizing on it

The first questions out of most promoters’ mouths is “how many people can the artist’s name bring out, and how much can I charge for tickets?” Promoting music that is already popular is one thing. But promoting music that nobody knows they love yet is something else entirely. To do[…]

The new wave

Syn.Aesthetic has been spinning beautiful and interesting, mellow music for years but for the last several, has been focused on what is now known as wave music. As amazing as the genre is, it’s still almost completely unknown in the United States. Ellipsis Collective’s intention is to change that, to[…]

[…] is born

The collective is official. We met tonigh to discuss the April 1 show, named Topsy-Turvy. Ze Ze’s mind is overflowing with ideas for artists and projects for our live art at the show.  We are buzzing with excitement.


We had almost as many artists at Heart-On as we did attendees. The installation art, self-directed games, performances, and interactive art made it a huge undertaking, but it was an amazing success. I’ve been itching to do shows for a couple of years now and this team was a dream[…]