Finders Keepers epicness

Oh my goodness! We are elbows deep into scheming & planning for Finders Keepers. We just met to talk about all the ideas & this show is truly going to be incredible. From the MUSIC to decor to live artists & craftsmen… it’s going to be so unique & full[…]


Still reeling from Topsy-Turvy last night. So much art, so much magic. brothel.’s set was incredible and he was one of the nicest people we have collectively ever worked with. He even brought a couple of local wave producers out of the woodwork as well. David Giardinelli’s visuals transformed the space[…]


We had almost as many artists at Heart-On as we did attendees. The installation art, self-directed games, performances, and interactive art made it a huge undertaking, but it was an amazing success. I’ve been itching to do shows for a couple of years now and this team was a dream[…]