Lucid Steps

For a play-by-play update of the wave scene, we highly recommend checking out the Lucid Steps blog. Great reads there.

Bay Area Joins the Underground Wave Railroad

Just confirmed a show for MYSTXRIVL in Oakland on June 9. New partners in crime Djedi and Jocelyn will host a wave night there featuring MYSTXRIVL and Deadcrow. So excited to be building this scene!

The Underground Wave Railroad

In an attempt to share overseas travel costs, I created a Facebook group trying to link different U.S. promoters together. It’s slow going, but a few others are joining. https://facebook.com/groups/undergroundwaverailroad

The new wave

Syn.Aesthetic has been spinning beautiful and interesting, mellow music for years but for the last several, has been focused on what is now known as wave music. As amazing as the genre is, it’s still almost completely unknown in the United States. Ellipsis Collective’s intention is to change that, to[…]