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Born of the drive to keep new, experimental music flowing through the Salt Lake City underground, Ellipsis Collective is a strange mash-up of thinkers, musicians, visual artists, sound-junkies, and storytellers. The collective aims to develop themed concerts combining lesser known amazing electronic music on our monster sound system with immersive, interactive art experiences. Come for the music and you may experience live performance art – painting, sculpture, fabric work, light design, dance. The idea is collaboration and exploration, and we’re often as surprised as our guests what will emerge.

We know there is an incredible amount of unknown, unnoticed, and under-appreciated talent all over the world. As veterans in SLC’s underground/warehouse music scene,  and with experience in the festival scene, we will be bringing in up-and-coming electronic music producers and DJs from all over the country and the world. Focused primarily on (but not limited to): Wave and bass music, avant-garde electronic music. It is our goal to provide a medium for fans of dance music to discover new artists that may quickly become their new favorites.

Think you have a track that deserves our attention or needs more exposure? Let us know.