Apocalypsis (ft. Fyoomz)


Apocalypsis (ft. Fyoomz)

  • Date:29 - Jun - 2019
  • Time:22:00
  • Location:
  • Venue:Secret SLC Outdoor Location
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Join the Ellipsis Collective […] and roaming hordes of post-apocalyptic warriors as we traverse the wastelands of our secret downtown-adjacent location. Claim your territory with interactive art and graffiti, participate in a mutant vehicle race, join a faction and fight for your life, dodge flamethrowers and chainsaws… Strap on your armor and make sure to secure your mask before helping others. Will you survive the Apocalypsis?

Soundtrack to the apocalypse will be provided by:

Fyoomz :: vibe.digital – https://soundcloud.com/fyoomz :: Fyoomz has cultivated a sound as influenced by his background in film and cinema as by his experience deejaying all forms of bass music for the last 10 years. With radio plays on London stations, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Rinse FM, 199Radio, and Radar Radio, Fyoomz has started his own label and radio show, vibe.digital; a home for the cinematic blend of bass music called, “Wave.”

LMNL ::https://soundcloud.com/lmnl801 :: We are excited for a set from DJ/Producer LMNL. His mixes are journeys of the mind and body and a perfect way to close down the night. When he’s not in the studio creating his own music, He can be found exploring the world seeking new vibes to share with his tribe. For him, it’s all about the emotive sometimes darker side of bass music.

NamasteeZ :: https://soundcloud.com/brodyphoenix :: Lemon squeezed. The spiritual gangster, the bootie-shaking buddha, combining Soul, Funk, Sacred, World, and Beautifully Melodic Vocals with Dirty Gourmet Trap.

Jambroni Lamborghini :: For one night only, the world’s most famous 80s crime-fighting, bass music duo will be joining us. After the apocalypse, STACKHOUSE and Brodyizm retrofitted their Lamorghinis to survive anything that comes. With just enough time to slay a dancefloor and hit the road to to Florida to deliver the only surviving post-apocalyptic palm tree to its native land for replanting. This could be their most daring set yet.

Lil Farr :: Ellipsis Collective – https://soundcloud.com/lil-farr :: It has long been rumored that L’il Farr was dead or lost in a sizzurp coma in one of the gutters of America. He his recently emerged, semi-conscious, held upright by duct tape and more sizzurp, and will hopefully grace us with the supreme crunkness we have been so missing.

Starbass :: Ellipsis Collective :: https://soundcloud.com/starbass_music :: No apocalypse would be complete without a soundtrack for annihilation. Starbass graces us this night with his unique blend of goth/industrial and bass music.

AdequateD :: Ellipsis Collective :: https://soundcloud.com/adequated :: Expect the unexpected with a mix of genres from Adequate D.

An insane amount of performances and interactive art TBA (some secret and some will be announced beforehand).

As always, this is a private, invite-only 21+ event. Leave no trace, BYOB, BYOC.