Wave Sessions #2: Finders Keepers (feat. Mystxrivl)


Wave Sessions #2: Finders Keepers (feat. Mystxrivl)

  • Date:03 - Jun - 2017
  • Time:22:00
  • Location:Sandy, UT
  • Venue:9263 S 700 E
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Ellipsis Collective […], the creators of Topsy-Turvy and co-creators of Heart-On, deliver the second installment of Wave Sessions, bringing SLC a fresh genre of electronic music, direct from Europe:

Our headliner MYSTXRIVL hails from Poland, a pioneering wave producer and a major player in Europe’s thriving Wave scene. Ellipsis Collective is bringing MYSTXRIVL from Europe to the U.S. for one special night, June 3, his very first appearance in the United States. MYSTXRIVL’s tracks are lyrical, evocative, often beautiful, sometimes frenetic, but perpetually fascinating.

We are also extremely excited to welcome Liquid Love Drops to our stage. Jocelyn, a long time musical force in San Francisco, returns to Salt Lake City with a new name and all new, original material. Fand and friends will remember she played the very last show at The Hive.

Our theme: Finders Keepers. (Now that you’ve found Wave, you get to keep it. What else will you keep?) Visit a thrift shop or your attic or your grandma’s closet. Make old things new. Recycled, repurposed, renewed; combine, collect, swap and thrift. We’re taking everything you know and making it fresh again. Deconstruct it and make it something never seen before. What can you fashion from Grandpa’s sweater? The most creative souls can take the oldest stuff and make something fabulous and unprecedented.

Wave Session #2: Wave music — European genre born from the collective power of the web. Wave’s pioneering artists strenght is in their collaborative creation, making emotional, progressive music that hits hard. Picture the spacey 808 beat swag of trap, the subby rumbles and halftime pace of dubstep, the dense emotion of sad boy rap, the icy melancholy of witch house, the sci-fi savoir faire of instrumental grime, the loose formula-free experimentalism of the LA beat scene and the synthetic aesthetic of vapor wave… If any of those genres have ever reached you, Wave will, too. Ellipsis Collective alone will be bringing these artists to SLC, for the second time ever.


This is a 21+, invite-only event. You must present your ID and a ticket to attend. BYOB. BYOC. LNT.

Beats by:

MYSTXRIVL (Gliwice, Poland) :: MYSTXRIVL :: https://soundcloud.com/mystxrivl

Liquid Love Drops (San Francisco, CA) :: Liquid Love Drops ::https://soundcloud.com/liquidlovedrops

Syn.Aesthetic (SLC, UT) :: SynAesthetic :: https://soundcloud.com/syn-aesthetic

Mitch Brady (Bozeman, MT) :: Mitch Brady – DJ :: https://soundcloud.com/mitchbrady

Starbass (Boulder, UT) :: Starbass :: https://soundcloud.com/starbass_music

Enderr (SLC, UT) :: Enderr :: https://soundcloud.com/enderr96

Live Art by:

Aktiveda :: Tie Dye Clothing :: https://www.facebook.com/aktiveda/

Gerri Cordova :: Up-cycled Shoe Painting :: http://www.good4utah.com/good-things-utah/gtu-featured-guest/celebrity-shoes-they-arent-what-you-think

Para Normal Apparel :: Original Clothing by Peter Nielsen :: https://www.facebook.com/ParaNormalApparel / http://www.peteranart.com

Aaron Cole :: Up-cycled Shoe Painting

Stan Clawson :: Up-cycled Group Painting Project

Jill Hardman :: Up-cycled Leather Bracelets

Raven Johnson :: Body Art

Tracy Lewis :: https://www.facebook.com/artbytracylewis