Wave Session #3: Decompression (ft. Harukasuka + Kavern)


Wave Session #3: Decompression (ft. Harukasuka + Kavern)

  • Date:28 - Oct - 2017
  • Time:22:00
  • Location:The Art Factory 193 W. 2100 S. SLC UT 84115
  • Venue:The Art Factory
  •  Sold Out

Ellipsis Collective and Utah Regional Burning Man Decompression are teaming up this year to bring you one special Halloween night of music, mayhem, and celebration of burning man art and culture.

In addition to what you’ve come to know and love about Decompression, Ellipsis Collective is bringing its third installment of the live art / performance / music experience known as the Wave Sessions. The freshest of music combined with art installations, performances, music, dance and the burning man spirit.

The event will be held at the Art Factory – a new downtown venue. This will be THE Halloween party not to miss. Dress to impress. Spooky or burny, you choose. But this is Halloween, so go all out.


The music, provided by Ellipsis Collective:

What is “wave music”? Like dubstep, wave is an underground genre born in London and spread quickly across the internet, slowly becoming a worldwide musical force. Ellipsis Collective intends to blow it up in here in the states and have been working dilligently to do so. Picture the spacy 808 beat swag of trap, the subby rumbles and halftime pace of dubstep, the dense emotion of sad boy rap, the icy melancholy of witch house, the sci-fi savoir faire of instrumental grime, the loose formula-free experimentalism of the LA beat scene and the synthetic aesthetic of vapor wave… If any of those genres have touched you, wave will, too.

We will be joined by San Diego’s Harukasuka. Harukasuka has been producing avant-garde hip-hop-inspired wave music for years and is one of the most recent inductees to Wavemob. Check out his track Feelings here: https://soundcloud.com/harukasuka/feelings

And, if you need even more, we will also be joined by Chicago-based wave producer Kavern. Kavern’s experimental wave style ranges from ambient downtempo to post-trap and everything inbetween. Check out his latest collab with M!NGO here: https://soundcloud.com/kavern-beats/kavern-x-mngo-burn

Resident and long-time burners Syn.Aesthetic and Adequate D will be joined by dubstep pioneer and scene-builder illoom for this special night of music and art.


Many live artists and performances to be announced in the coming weeks.


This is a LNT event. All ages before 10pm, 21+ after. Valid ID or ticket required for entry.